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Nicki leads the dream team behind the screen at Digital Hart Media. She started the company in 2007 and partners with local organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to reimagine how they share stories through beautiful design, websites, promotions and motion graphics. She is active on community boards, is a strong advocate for economic development in Colorado and is teaching the next generation of over 35,000 designers worldwide through her online education network Design Procademy.

Nicki has received honors and awards as an outstanding professional for her support of small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and as a leading designer and photographer. 

Fun Facts

the photographer

Photography is an area that I originally didn’t plan on getting into. I took a class in college and fell in love! Not only has it helped me with my digital abstracts, I also became involved with shooting dance photography. Dance photos are a great way to learn how to use your camera and become a better photographer. Constant movement, changing lights and no flash make for a challenging set up. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to photograph dancers on stage as well as promo and headshots for their performances.

I also dive into landscape photography, portraits, and the occasional extra creative shots. Check out more of my photos on my Instagram and order a copy of my first photo book LUMINANCE that features 80 gorgeous pages of colorful landscapes featuring 21 full page panorama spreads.

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the fine artist

My Cosmic Collection of digital abstracts offers a sweet release from the corporate imagery I create every day. The process begins with a photograph of abstract light and then I manipulate this into a digital painting in Photoshop. 

My artwork was exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Kadoya Gallery and featured on the cover of Advanced Photoshop Magazine’s 50th issue.

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Hire Me to Speak: I'm available for speaking engagements to nonprofits, organizations, and businesses as well as higher education classes. Topics include business development, marketing and brand building.
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Hire Digital Hart Media: Digital Hart Media is a digital media agency helping organizations advance their marketing with practical & timely solutions. We create beautiful content for digital and offline platforms.
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