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The Power of Colored Light

I love photography that’s simple therefore, I am drawn to only using one light. This weekend I took a couple friends a blue light gel and my Nikon SB700 speedlight on a photographic adventure. The results were more than expected with an added punch to my urban photographs.

Abstract Piano Jam

For over a year I’ve been playing a stream of conscience like melody on the piano. There are no written notes and each time I play, the tune varies slightly from the last time I played it. I play what ever comes to mind and whatever my ear picks up as wonderful sounding key combinations.

Exotic Adventures and Samba Beats Spice up Rio

Rio, the Movie
Vibrant colors, stunning Brazilian scenery and samba beats mirror a clear passion  and vision behind the making of Rio, the latest 3-D animated adventure from Blue Sky Studios (of Ice Age fame). Swooping camera moves take viewers deep into the heart of Rio de Janero, Brazil. The visual feat isn’t the only splendid thing about the movie, however. The story, quirky characters and comedy all work to create a movie almost worthy of comparison to Pixar’s masterpieces.

{ART BREAK} Cafe Serre

Great animation paired with a storyline full of little laughs and surprises is what makes Cafe Serre so magical. The animation style is reminiscent of Pixar’s greatest films and yet, a small team pulled this animated short together. With the help of 3dsMax, Photoshop and After Effects, the team was able to create a very real 50’s style diner complete with a donut eating cop who just so happens to stop a burglar without ever intending too! Perhaps lack of focus/awareness can come in useful after all!

Source of Awesome…

While looking up song loops for future vids, I fell in love with the titles: Whimsically Lonely, Goofy Criminal, Cha-Cha Fun and Vampire Strut!...