4 Steps for Perfect Perspective Crops in Photoshop

Designers rejoice! This quick Photoshop tip is sure to assist you with all of your artwork photographing challenges.

Here's the situation. I often find myself photographing artwork for artists to use in their portfolios, promotions, websites, etc. For the most part this is a fairly straight forward process, however, that's not so when you need to photograph artwork behind glass. Reflections and glares end up in your photograph and they are a nightmare to remove in Photoshop.

The Perspective Crop tool to the rescue! In just 4 steps you can fix any perspective issue in your images.

What You'll Need:
A photograph or image where the perspective isn't straight.
Photoshop CS6+

Photo Prep

Before we begin fixing perspective, we need an image. If you are taking the photo yourself here are my tips to overcome the glare and reflections issue.

Take the photograph at an angle. Yes, this means your perspective will be off and you'll most likely get a bit of the background and frame. That's what we intend to fix in Photoshop. The photo in this tutorial was taken with me slightly below the image and shooting up toward it. This position ensured that I wasn't in the photo, removed all overhead light glares and surrounding reflections. It also minimizes the distortion of the photograph as much as possible making the perspective fix in Photoshop that much smoother.

Step 1:

Time to bring your image into Photoshop. Then head over to the Toolbar and Click & Hold over the Crop tool. You will see additional options appear. Select the Perspective Crop tool.


Step 2:

Next, draw a rectangle that covers as much of your image as you can. Make sure you stay inside the edges of your image.


Step 3:

Now you will select each of the 4 corners, one at time, and Click & Drag them to the corresponding corner of your image. Follow the lines of the perspective currently in the image, not the straight one you want to create.


Step 4:

Once you outlined your image, Apply your crop. You should see the image straighten presenting an improved perspective.



That's it! Now you can quickly fix the perspective of any image.