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The Power of Colored Light

I love photography that’s simple therefore, I am drawn to only using one light. This weekend I took a couple friends a blue light gel and my Nikon SB700 speedlight on a photographic adventure. The results were more than expected with an added punch to my urban photographs.

Fairy Tale Photo Composition

Creating a Whole New World

Fairy Tale Photo Composition
I’ve been super busy in Photoshop over the last few weeks creating fairy tale lands for an upcoming project in 2012! Most of you know my artwork is mostly abstracts mixed with a little photography here and there. This is the first project where I literally dove head first into photo composition thus, unleashing completely new Photoshop powers.

Source of Awesome…

While looking up song loops for future vids, I fell in love with the titles: Whimsically Lonely, Goofy Criminal, Cha-Cha Fun and Vampire Strut!...

Magazine Design: Headlines

Part 2 of magazine designis all about decisions and figuring out how to use your cover image to draw readers into your content through the use of headlines and subtext. Understand hierarchy of font sizes, styles and colors to create an eye-catching magazine cover that...

Magazine Cover Design

We start our adventure into magazine cover design with setting up the document. Then we move to dropping in a photo and title for our magazine in Part 1 of this multi-part series in Photoshop. I also share some cool tips like color selection, how...


Warmth I bring you a new abstract for the new year! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to devote time to my fine art. Sometimes breaks are good for an artist! Most of the time breaks offer new insight into my process giving me...