Common Issues with Adobe Distiller and Booklets Explained

Are you creating a booklet or any size PDF from a postscript file in Adobe Distiller only to have it not fit correctly on the page? See how to fix it with just one setting change in your PDF settings. Thanks for watching!

HOW TO | Print to Booklet FULL Tutorial:
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INDESIGN: Get to Know the Color Theme Tool

Discover how to select entire color libraries quickly for your design projects with the color theme tool in InDesign!

3 Design Tips That Will Rock Your Designs! //WHAT'S YOUR TAKE

Check out my top 3 design tips that will rock your designs in this What's Your Take episode. Then share your design tips in the comments.

Free color tips tutorial:


INDESIGN QUICK TIPS | Delete Unused Color Swatches

In this InDesign Quick Tip learn how to delete all your unused color swatches from your palette. This is a handy habit to make at the end of your projects to clear out clutter by only displaying those swatches you've used in your designs.

Book Design: How to Import your Manuscript

I get lots of viewer questions about book design and many feature obstacles you may run into along the way. In this tutorial, viewer Agon asks 3 key questions about importing manuscript text into InDesign from Microsoft Word. The important thing to remember when working with manuscripts is to match your settings, fonts, sizes, etc. in Word and InDesign from the beginning. That way as you work between the two programs, things match up.

No fear self publishers/authors! Watch this tutorial to get the scoop that will make working from Word to InDesign a breeze.

What You'll Learn

• How to match document specs in Word and InDesign
• How to configure your fonts in Word so they match when you import your text in InDesign
• How to get your mirror your document sizes.